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Haze Wheels

Haze Wheels was founded by Bertrand Soubrier in 2010 following his previous brand “Travel Wheels”. The brand is 100% independent, made by skateboarders for skateboarders, no big money, no big warehouse, no secretary but a lot of passion and the will of doing things like they supposed to be (right). Bertrand teams up with graphic designer Func’88 and entrust him for the whole art direction. We have worked hard since then to make a name for Haze Wheels in the Skateboard market and we’ll continue as long as people keep supporting us. It’s only the beginning….


  • Bertand Soubrier
  • Hugo Miallard
  • JP Villa
  • Jonathan Jean-Philippe
  • Aurelien Giraud
  • Jeremie Daclin
  • Yann Garin
  • Mickael Mackrodt
  • Vincent Bressol
  • Oscar Candon
  • Samuel Partaix
  • Antoine Roussel
  • Gauthier Rouger
  • Nestor Suki
  • Victor Campillo
  • Ruben Spekta
  • Pietro Bonta

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